Coolant Ed

Author: Lori Broker |

Focused on providing clear and to-the-point technology specifics to address real-world coolant functionality and resolve usage concerns, Coolant Ed is a single day training program imparting end to end understanding. Join our Mailing List for early bird information and discounts on a Coolant Ed seminar in your area.

Attendees will leave confident in:

  • Coolant Selection for Internal Combustion Engines 
  • Coolant Selection for Electric Vehicles 
  • Coolant Technologies used by major OEMs
  • Compatibility of OEM and Aftermarket Labels
  • Contaminants Identification and Elimination
  • Engine Coolant Vocabulary 
  • Low Temperature Industrial Heat Transfer Fluids
  • How to Extend the Service Coolant Life
  • Proactive Problem Management
  • Selecting Environmentally Responsible Coolants
  • Leading Technology Pros and Cons 
  • Understanding Conditional Analysis Reports

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