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COOL IQ™ leads in supporting fleets, facilities, and other maintainers of engine, motor, and heat exchange systems by tooling your maintenance team with not readily available root cause of failure information, advising on application management strategy that directly benefits operational cost control, and supplementing your teams know-how with technical counsel direct from a subject-matter expert to advance mechanical reliability solutions that increase asset availability, reduce unscheduled downtime, and extend equipment operational intervals between necessary repair and replace.

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta we support clients and customers in Agriculture | Construction | Forestry | HVAC | Marine | Mining | Oil & Gas | Transport |

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Amalgamating decades of domestic and internationally acquired experience and specialization COOL IQ Inc., a Canadian owned maintenance management consultancy, was founded on the 4th of September 2019 to provide the fleet and facility reliability communities with a resolutions focused technical resource - applied in their interest - to eliminate impactful cost and safety outcomes emergent from delayed or ignored maintenance management of coolant & glycol systems, unreported deficiencies in engineered parts and components, and limited exposure to subject-matter expert led technical support.

Founded by a former Global Technical Services Manager in engine coolants technology, a qualified person in the coolants technology field having over 20yrs experience and a distinguished 100% success rate in root cause of failure investigation, COOL IQ™ provides clients and customers with uncommon technical capability to support cost and time sensitive asset management expectations.  


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