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COOL IQ Inc. is the only company in the North American reliability services sector which is fully dedicated to supplying FLEET & FACILITY operations and operators with straight to the point coolants technology information and uniquely qualified technical guidance to eliminate the cause and consequence of cooling system related chemical, material, and mechanical failure modes and mechanisms impacting the maintenance management and cost effective operation of engine & motor driven vehicles, industrial equipment, and water-glycol utilizing heat transfer systems.

Founded by arguably the most effective technical analyst in the field of engine coolants technology and also the former Global Technical Services Manager for Canada’s leading manufacturer of automotive specialty chemicals, the clientele serviced by COOL IQ™ will achieve definitive resolution of both active and undiscovered issues impacting equipment uptime and operational reliability.

The knowledge and know-how behind COOL IQ™ has provided coolant technology guidance and root cause problem solving to the likes of Apple, BRP, Chrysler, Ford, Case New Holland, GE Transportation, Finning CAT, John Deere, Hino, Petro-Canada, Shell, ExxonMobil, UPS, and Tesla. 

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta we support Agriculture | Construction | Forestry | Marine | Mining | Utilities | Transport | Trucking

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Be it 10%, 25%, or over 40% a significant percentage of unscheduled downtime and repair costs are directly related to issues that originate within the cooling system.  The costs associated become much exacerbated with delayed mitigation or incorrect root cause identification.  

As significantly critical as cooling system performance is to engine and motor driven on-road and off-road equipment, no college or university program produces technicians, technologists, scientists, or engineering  graduates with learned specialization in engine coolant technology nor is competency or specialization in automotive coolants maintenance and management a core body of knowledge requirement for individuals seeking or having STLE or ICML professional certification.  

The significance of such an industries wide disparity in engine coolant technology practice and performance expertise has for years manifested into elevated episodes of unscheduled downtime, costly replacements and repairs, and reliance on conditional monitoring services that do not eliminate root cause... 

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