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COOL IQ Inc. is the only company in the North American reliability services sector which is fully dedicated to supplying FLEET and FACILITY operations with straight to the point information and quality solutions to eliminate the cause and consequence of chemical, material, and mechanical failure modes and mechanisms impacting the maintenance management and cost effective utilization of engine & motor driven equipment and water-glycol serviced commercial/industrial heat transfer systems.

Founded by arguably the most effective issues eliminator in the automotive cooling systems field and also the former Global Technical Services Manager for Canada’s leading manufacturer of automotive specialty chemicals, COOL IQ clientele will achieve definitive resolution of both active and undiscovered issues impacting equipment uptime and service lifecycle.

The expertise behind COOL IQ has delivered definitive solutions to the likes of BRP, Chrysler, Ford, Case New Holland, GE Transportation, Finning Cat, John Deere, Hino, Petro-Canada, Shell, ExxonMobil, UPS, Tesla and even Apple. On-Road, Off-Road or Commercial/Industrial, Cool IQ serves with unmatched technical and maintenance strategy support.

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta we support Agriculture | Construction | Forestry | Marine | Mining | Utilities | Transport | Trucking

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A significant percentage of engine system downtime is directly associated to cooling system issues.  Be it 10%, 25%, or over 40% the bottomline consequence is costly maintenance and/or lost efficiency. 

The reality not given due focus is that almost 99% of those cooling system related issues are completely preventable. With your operation having access to fully independent and fully qualified coolants technology support, free of any marketer bias, your business will not be impacted by such costly outcomes, period.

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