Field Services

    • Analysis Assist

    Analysis Assist is a service critical to ensuring that your building or facility glycol treatment and maintenance program is not elevating the risk of harmful substance exposure to system maintainers, occupants and users, or your regional communities. Providing both a detailed auditing of glycol treatment practices and an expert level conditional interpretation of analyzed heat exchange system fluid, the Analysis Assist service will identify unobvious fouling as well as health and safety concerns not discovered in traditional sample analysis programs.

    • Coolant Ed

    Focused on providing clear and to-the-point technology specifics to address real-world coolant functionality and resolve usage concerns, Coolant Ed is a single day training program imparting end to end understanding. Join our Mailing List for early bird information and discounts on a Coolant Ed seminar in your area.

    Attendees will leave confident in:

    • Coolant Selection for Internal Combustion Engines 
    • Coolant Selection for Electric Vehicles 
    • Coolant Technologies used by major OEMs
    • Compatibility of OEM and Aftermarket Labels
    • Contaminants Identification and Elimination
    • Engine Coolant Vocabulary 
    • Low Temperature Industrial Heat Transfer Fluids
    • How to Extend the Service Coolant Life
    • Proactive Problem Management
    • Selecting Environmentally Responsible Coolants
    • Leading Technology Pros and Cons 
    • Understanding Conditional Analysis Reports
    • Fleet Health Check

    Fleet Health Check is a targeted issues audit coupled with root cause maintenance training which identifies and exposes contributors to reduced service life cycle of your utilized coolant(s), the cooling system, and interfacing engine system components. Available only to larger on-road and off-road fleet operations this service will optimize equipment availability and immediately reduce coolant system related unscheduled repair and replacement events.

    • Root Cause Problem Analysis

    From incidental occurrences to a repetitive problem, Root Cause Problem Analysis is the support service which will quickly and cost effectively identify the source of the failing. The technical and technology expertise that is COOL IQ™ has never failed to resolve even the most complex coolant and cooling system related part, component, quality, or engineering issue for OEMs, fleets, and facility operations from around the globe.

    • Shop Assist

    Supporting the small to medium fleet maintenance operation, Shop Assist delivers with specific information to:

    • Reduce frequent to daily topping up of the cooling system
    • Minimize the need for ongoing cooling system monitoring and fluid analysis sampling
    • Extend the service life cycle of cooling system parts and other interacting components
    • ID the root cause of performance issues before they manifest into a downtime event
    • Provide purchasing recommendations for alternate service coolant technologies
    • Training

    Training by COOL IQ™ will transfer knowledge to your team members that will allow them to confidently manage coolant technology related service or support involvements. The program which can be tailored to specifically focus on topics and information of priority to your operation differentiates with concise answers to longstanding coolant technology misunderstandings and delivers actionable remedy on issues OEMs and the aftermarket have not properly communicated to the end user.