Field Services

    • Analysis Assist

    Conditional analysis which is improperly interpreted or neglects specific issue identifiers is a major influencer of reoccurring downtime which impacts your operational bottom-line. Having a detailed understanding of the technologies in the market, their chemical makeup, and performance characteristics COOL IQ has the experience to setup, train, or assist your team with your dedicated coolant maintenance program. Contact COOL IQ for fluids analysis program support that increases the longevity of your service coolant and managed equipment.

    • Coolant Ed

    COOL IQ – Coolant Ed. is the technology management service that fleets, owner/operators, and maintenance professionals have asked for years to eliminate coolant rated downtime and assist with cost effective product selection. COOL IQ – Coolant Ed. provides clear and to-the-point specifics and addresses real-world coolant functionality and application reliability concerns. Check for updates on when COOL IQ - Coolant Ed. will be in in your area.

    Attendees will leave confident in:

    • Coolant Selection for Internal Combustion Engines 
    • Coolant Selection for Electric Vehicles 
    • Coolant Technologies used by major OEMs
    • Compatibility of OEM and Aftermarket Labels
    • Contaminants Identification and Elimination
    • Engine Coolant Vocabulary 
    • Extending Service Coolant Life
    • Interpretation of Conditional Analysis Reports
    • Low Temperature Heat Transfer Fluids
    • Major Cooling System Issue Areas
    • Selecting Environmentally Responsible Coolants
    • Technology Pros and Cons 
    • Fleet Health Check

    COOL IQ - Fleet Health Check is a comprehensive service ideal for medium to large fleets focused on the reduction of coolant associated costs. COOL IQ - Fleet Health Check includes an application suitability review of your service coolant(s), a cooling system maintenance fundamentals presentation, an effectiveness review of your contract labs coolant analysis services package, and an onsite issues and answers session with your maintenance team. With a 100% global success rate, contact COOL IQ to arrange this top-level service.

    • Root Cause Problem Analysis

    From Ports to Airports many maintenance, reliability, and quality assurance teams will be faced with coolant related issues which rob from resources and profitability. Many such issues become so customary in nature they are looked upon only as a consequence of operational activity while others are so significantly impacting they threaten business relationships. Cool IQ – Root Cause Problem Analysis will identify and eliminate coolant related issues which are increasing your cost of operation or reducing your business competitiveness. Contact Cool IQ to initiate the resolution process.

    • Shop Assist

    COOL IQ – Shop Assist is a same day service targeted for the smaller fleet or vehicle maintenance provider. The service includes a questions and answers session, suitability review of your operations coolant selections, onsite auditing of your operations product handling and management procedures, and a trouble spots identification inspection with your team. Contact COOL IQ to arrange a Shop Assist service tailored for your operation.

    • Training

    COOL IQ provides coolant technology training for your whole operation tailored to the needs of your manufacturing, sales, customer service, technical, or quality management team. Our seasoned subject- matter expert has engineered globally distributed coolant technology, supported new business opportunities in developed and emerging markets, solved complex cooling system issues for major OEMs and operations around the globe, and instructed personnel from leading contract laboratories. Contact COOL IQ to support with training knowledge and know-how that differentiates in the coolant/antifreeze industry.